Use Caution When Using Teeth to Castrate Lambs

Lamb castration is not always the idyllic pastime that some people may think it is. The Centers for Disease Control issued the following alert: “Notes from the Field: Campylobacter jejuni Infections Associated with Sheep Castration — Wyoming, 2011“, Clay Van Houten, MS, Karl Musgrave, DVM, Kelly Weidenbach, MPH, Tracy Murphy, MD, Wanda Manley, MS, Wyoming […]

Teeth clenching and mathematics

New research from Japan suggests that there may be no harm in refraining from teeth-clenching whilst performing mathematical tasks. This finding is presented as a result of recent experiments at the Department of Fixed Prosthodontics, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry, Osaka, Japan. Twenty healthy participants performed four sets of hundred-square calculations as a mental […]