Stripes and tails against flies

“The Surprising Reason Zebras Have Stripes,” Ed Yong’s essay in The Atlantic, celebrates the most recently published research about how some large mammals manage to protect themselves against flies. Tim Caro and colleagues experimented with striped blankets, publishing their story in the research journal PLoS ONE. Ig Nobel Prize winners Gábor Horváth, Susanne Äkesson, and […]

Hoping to Understand Heads and Tails, Indicatively

Heads and tails are two sides of the many-sided coin that is emotion. This study explores several sides, including those two: “Indicators of positive and negative emotions and emotional contagion in pigs,” Inonge Reimert, J. Elizabeth Bolhuis, Bas Kemp, T. Bas Rodenburg, Physiology and Behavior, vol. 109, no. 17 January 2013, pp. 42–50.  The authors, […]