A study in human emotion: Father Kramarz thrills to music

Thrill to the contrast between (1) the thrill of human emotion and (2) a highly-controlled absence of apparent emotion. In this video, Father Andreas Kramarz, LC, PhD. explains that music gives him emotional thrills: The Bibliolore blog celebrates Father Kramarz’s thrilling achievement. BONUS (distantly related): The fictional character Gus Fring exhibits emotional control, in this highlights video:

Hoping to Understand Heads and Tails, Indicatively

Heads and tails are two sides of the many-sided coin that is emotion. This study explores several sides, including those two: “Indicators of positive and negative emotions and emotional contagion in pigs,” Inonge Reimert, J. Elizabeth Bolhuis, Bas Kemp, T. Bas Rodenburg, Physiology and Behavior, vol. 109, no. 17 January 2013, pp. 42–50.  The authors, […]

Detecting nervousness on the telephone (patent)

Businesses need a way to detect nervousness on the telephone, says a recent patent, which offers a computerised means of accomplishing this. Inventor Valery Petrushin obtained his doctorate in computer science from the Glushkov Institute for Cybernetics, Kiev, and now works in Illinois in the US. His patent, granted last year, is for “detecting emotion in voice […]

When singers raise eyebrows (and how that’s interpreted)

When singers sing high notes, their eyebrows go higher than when they sing low notes. While that may not be an absolute physiological rule, a team of Danish and American researchers discovered that it happens pretty consistently. They lay out the evidence, and explain what it may mean, in a study called Facial Expression and Vocal […]