‘Millionaire’ Query: Ostrich Bonk Preference

On the Italian edition of the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”, a contestant recently spent eight minutes wrestling with a question raised in an Ig Nobel Prize-winning study: Who do ostriches prefer as sex partners? Watch this taut dramatic incident: The study being discussed here garnered the 2002 Ig Nobel biology prize for […]

Ovulating Women Ogle Forgettable Men

A soon-to-be-published study ogles women who ogle while they ovulate: “I Only Have Eyes for You: Ovulation Redirects Attention (But Not Memory) to Attractive Men,” Uriah S. Anderson, Elaine F. Perea, D. Vaughn Becker, Joshua M. Ackerman, Jenessa R. Shapiro, Steven L. Neuberg and Douglas T. Kenrick, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, article in press […]

Sex and Religion – a re-examination

“…the recent rise of fundamentalist and new age religious movements calls for a reexamination of the current link between religion and sexual behavior.” says a recent research article which may be the first academic study to have cross-tabulated Spiritualists, Agnostics, Atheists, Jews, Monotheist Christians, Fundamentalists (and those who declare no religion) – with their preferences […]

Effect of mobile phones on rabbit sex

Lest anyone wonder why they studied the effect of mobile phones on rabbits’ sex lives, Nader Salama, Tomoteru Kishimoto, Hiro-Omi Kanayama and Susumu Kagawa spelled out their reasons. Many scientists had tried (though for the most part failed) to prove that repeatedly holding a mobile phone against a person’s head causes damage to the brain. […]