Ovulating Women Ogle Forgettable Men

A soon-to-be-published study ogles women who ogle while they ovulate:

I Only Have Eyes for You: Ovulation Redirects Attention (But Not Memory) to Attractive Men,” Uriah S. Anderson, Elaine F. Perea, D. Vaughn Becker, Joshua M. Ackerman, Jenessa R. Shapiro, Steven L. Neuberg and Douglas T. Kenrick, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, article in press 2010. The authors report:

“A number of studies have found a disjunction between women’s attention to, and memory for, handsome men. Although women pay initial attention to handsome men, they do not remember those men later. The present study examines how ovulation might differentially affect these attentional and memory processes. We found that women near ovulation increased their visual attention to attractive men. However, this increased visual attention did not translate into better memory.”