Damage by Screw Working Bodies

Slightly-intriguing study title of the month: “Damage to Seeds by Screw Working Bodies,” Mayya Sukhanova, Eduard Khasanov, Alexander Butenko, Shamil Fayzrakhmanov, and Rinat Fayzullin, Heliyon, 2023, article e18973. The authors explain: “The occurrence of mechanical damage to seeds caused by the operative components of agricultural machinery…” The image you see above is from the study.

Unscrew You, Spontaneously [a medical report]

When one has a screw loose, there can be medical implications. This study documents one such: “Spontaneous expulsion of a screw: An unusual complication 3 years after internal fixation of posterior acetabular wall fracture,” Francisco Chana-Rodríguez,  José Matías Tabernero Fernández, Manuel Villanueva-Martínez, José Rojo-Manaute, Javier Vaquero-Martín, Injury Extra, vol. 43, no. 9, September 2012, Pages […]

Screw-in coffin

Nowadays, space in cemeteries is at a premium. Therefore, if a method could be found to pack more of the deceased into a given area – money could be saved. The problem may have been resolved with the invention of the ‘Easy Inter Burial Container‘ recently patented by Californian  inventor Donald Scruggs. The patent can […]