Neuromarketing for dogs

Developing successful products aimed at dogs might not always be as straightforward as it may seem : “Because dogs cannot speak, traditional behavioral methods may be inadequate to reveal what dogs like or dislike.” But, according to the website of Dog Star Technologies LLC, newly developed methods involving fMRI scanning (combined with machine-learning algorithms) might […]

Tiny Study: Internet-Ordered Viagra Is Rarely Genuine

The company that manufactures Viagra mounted a tiny study of some of the products called “Viagra” that are sold via some web sites: “Internet-Ordered Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) Is Rarely Genuine,” Neil Campbell, John P. Clark, Vera J. Stecher, Irwin Goldstein, Journal of Sexual Medicine, volume 9, issue 11, November 2012, pp. 2943–2951. The authors, at […]

How Machiavellian are car, stock and real estate salespersons?

By reputation, stockbrokers have manipulative personalities. So do people who sell cars or buildings. Professor Abdul Aziz took the measure of these groups of professionals, hoping to see whether each lives up or down to the legend. Aziz, who teaches business at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, together with colleagues published three studies a […]