Politicians R 2 Simple, explain 2 Ig Nobel winners

Politicians are too simple. Two Ig Nobel Prize winners — both, as it happens, professors at Stanford University — each gives part of the explanation. (As with many simple facts, the explanation is a bit complex.) Politicians’ simple debates Professor John Perry, a philosopher, looked at politicians’ televised debates. In an essay for the New […]

What, exactly, is ‘Stuff’?

To a philosopher, pinning down ‘Stuff’’ (water, sugar, salt, cement, apple pulp &etc) is a far from trivial task. Dr. Kristie Miller, for example, (Research Fellow and Research Adviser at the University of Sydney, Australia) has investigated ‘Stuff’ in a paper for American Philosophical Quarterly, 46(1): 1-19 – entitled ‘Stuff’. Dr. Miller suggests that to […]

Philosophy of a prize-winning procrastinator

The Stanford Daily interviewed John Perry, the father of Structured Procrastination: Philosophy of a prize-winning procrastinator Joining the elite company of the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania (who rolled a tank over a parked car in an attempt to deter illegal parking) and a group of doomsday forecasters (who have all incorrectly predicted the end of […]

Do ethicists steal more books (and stuff)?

“One might suppose that ethicists would behave with particular moral scruple,” begins the little monograph, looking you straight in the eye while snorting and grinning, textily. The two co-authors, philosophy professors who specialise in ethics, thus embark on what they call a “preliminary investigation” of their fellow ethics experts. Eric Schwitzgebel of the University of […]