An invention for deterring monsters, specters, demons, and the like

“Devices and implements for deterring monsters, specters, demons, and the like,” is the title of a US patent application 13364587, Filed February 2, 2012 by Kevin M. Crucs of sparsely populated Copley, Ohio, USA. The patent document contains copious details. Among them: “Devices and implements for staving off monsters, specters, demons and the like as imagined by a […]

Conceivabilism, inconceivabilism and someone with 200 arms and legs

Sometimes, philosophers like to construct highly exaggerated imaginary scenarios in order to test the validity of theories – conjuring up, for example, human bodies with a pair of spare eyes in their shoulders. Since there’s  no  very little limit on how exaggerated such propositions might be, some take on outlandish proportions. Such ideas can push […]