‘Harvesting the guano of insectivorous bats: is it sustainable?’

A new paper in the Journal of Threatened Taxa, Vol 7, No 6 (2015) asks, and answers the question: ‘Harvesting the guano of insectivorous bats: is it sustainable?’ Investigators Thet Thet and Khin Mya Mya focused their studies on one cave, in a complex of four caves on Sudaung mountain, Sintkaing Township, Mandalay Region (21044.941’N […]

‘WIILTBA’ (bat! rat! rock!) questions – a partial listing

This month it’s (roughly) the 40th anniversary of the publication of Professor Emeritus Thomas Nagel‘s now-famous philosophical essay entitled : What Is It Like To Be a Bat? ( Philosophical Review, 83, no. 4 ) Since then, a considerable number of other academic writers, researchers and philosophers have paid tribute to professor Nagel’s bat paper […]

The breakfast-cereal bat comes to roost at the museum

The pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) that made headlines (and this blog) in Germany last November, after the Chemisches und Veterinäruntersuchungsambt (CVUA-Stuttgart) reported its find in a box of breakfast cereals, is in the news again. The mummified insectivore is now a registered specimen (NMR 9990- 03109) in the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. […]

Die Fledermaus in the breakfast cereal

Chemischen und Veterinäruntersuchungsämter (CVUA) in Stuttgart, Germany, issued a report about a recent investigation. Translated (automatically, by Google) into English, it begins: Surprise at breakfast A report from our laboratory work Consumers found mummified bat in wholegrain wheat flakes A curious appeal trial was recently presented to us: consumers had in their “mini Zimties whole […]