Introducing a concept and/or a term: ‘Crazyism’

Just because the study of philosophy, metaphysics and ideologies goes back millennia, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still room for a new ism. And one is envisioned in a new draft paper by professor Eric Schwitzgebel at the University of California, Riverside, US. He calls it “Crazyism” “Certain fundamental questions about the metaphysics of […]

The Philosophy of Skin – It’s a wrap. (Thanks, Heidegger’s Verstehen!)

A great deal of academic research has focussed on skin. Indeed, skin regularly features heavily in several specialist scholarly  journals – not only covering its behaviour and its problems, but also its aesthetics. But less weight has been afforded to inquiries regarding what might be called the the ‘philosophy’ of skin. The balance may have […]