Hells Angels Trademark Law Fetishism Investigation

Trademark law, the Hells Angels motorcycle club, and fetishism rendezvous in a single academic study: “Hells Angels™ Motorcycle Corporation in the Fashion Business: Interrogating the Fetishism of the Trademark Law,” Tereza Kuldova, Journal of Design History, epub 2016.  The author, at the University of Oslo, explains: “This article investigates the social function and underlying logic […]

Revolving Doors (re)visited

The clip shows F1 chief exec. Bernie Ecclestone in an albeit brief encounter with ‘purgatory’. Purgatory that is, if you follow the work of Professor Siyaves Azeri, from the Department of Philosophy, Mardin Artuklu University, Turkey, who, in a forthcoming paper for the journal Space and Culture, explains how revolving doors might differ from standard […]

Santa Claus on the couch

CLICK-CAUTION: the following may contain spoilers regarding the ‘reality’ (or otherwise) of Santa. Santa is an essential part of Christmas. But can Santa be understood through the psychoanalytic concepts of fetishism, ambivalence and narcissism? Some say yes, he can. Take for example Dr. Robert Cluley PhD, currently Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham University Business School, […]

Faculty action figures

Very few universities have had realistic ‘action figures’ made of their faculties and staff. One exception is the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas, where Dr. Jesse Weiss (Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies) has produced a collection of them. The professor hatched the idea via his hobby of customizing action figure models from […]