Champagne-cork-RFID, a new way to amplify narcissism

Behold Mumms’ champagne-cork-RFID narcissism amplifier. This promotional video from, by, and for champagne-maker G.H. Mumm, shows how an RFID [radio frequency identification] chip, coupled to a corked champaign bottle, can be used to trigger a spotlight and attention to shine on the restaurant table at which  the bottle of champaign is being opened, thus drawing attention to the persons who […]

Santa Claus on the couch

CLICK-CAUTION: the following may contain spoilers regarding the ‘reality’ (or otherwise) of Santa. Santa is an essential part of Christmas. But can Santa be understood through the psychoanalytic concepts of fetishism, ambivalence and narcissism? Some say yes, he can. Take for example Dr. Robert Cluley PhD, currently Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham University Business School, […]