This Grand Canyon, and That One, and Those Others…

Earle Spamer of the American Philosophical Society has, over the years, written a series of Improbable Research reports about the Grand Canyon (beginning with his explanation of how to preserve the Grand Canyon from disappearing due to erosion — his solution: fill the canyon, at least temporarily, with plastic packing “peanuts“). In “Is the Grand Canyon […]

Odd Findings in Pleasantville

In Pleasantville, New York, Psychology professor Terrence Hines of Pace University has published another in his series of studies pertaining to odd numbers. This one is: “The odd effect and multiple meanings in English of the words ‘odd’and ‘even,” Terence M. Hines, Psychological Reports, 2010 Oct;107(2):443-6. Professor Hines explains: “Under a variety of conditions, people […]