Odd Findings in Pleasantville

In Pleasantville, New York, Psychology professor Terrence Hines of Pace University has published another in his series of studies pertaining to odd numbers. This one is:

The odd effect and multiple meanings in English of the words ‘odd’and ‘even,” Terence M. Hines, Psychological Reports, 2010 Oct;107(2):443-6. Professor Hines explains:

“Under a variety of conditions, people take longer to make judgments about odd than about even digits and digit names. In English the words “odd” and “even” have multiple meanings. Perhaps the multiple meanings of these words are responsible for the slowing of responses to odd stimuli. This hypothesis was tested using participants who spoke no English and in whose native language, Polish, the words for the mathematical concepts of odd and even do not have multiple meanings.”

BONUS: Professor Hines is a noted philatelist.