Phantom Phone Sensations (update)

Following our earlier article regarding Phantom Phone Sensations (i.e. the sensation that one’s phone is ringing when in reality isn’t) we can now draw attention to a more recent research project from professor Robert Rosenberger of the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy, Atlanta, US. He writes, in Computers in Human Behavior, 52 […]

Determinants of Phantom Phone Sensations (PPSs)

Do you own a mobile phone? Do you sometimes think there’s a call when actually there isn’t? If so, that might well be a Phantom Phone Sensation (PPS). Leading, perhaps, to the question :’What are the determinants of phantom phone sensations?’ These (fairly) ubiquitous phenomena have been formally investigated by a research team at the […]

Stanley Finger’s “Phantom Penis: Historical Dimensions”

Stanley Finger presents: “Phantom Penis: Historical Dimensions,” Nicholas J. Wade and Stanley Finger, Journal of the History of the Neurosciences: Basic and Clinical Perspectives, Volume 19, Issue 4, 2010. The authors, at the University of Dundee, Scotland and Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA explain: “We here present several early reports on phantom penile sensations, […]