Phantom Phone Sensations (update)

Following our earlier article regarding Phantom Phone Sensations (i.e. the sensation that one’s phone is ringing when in reality isn’t) we can now draw attention to a more recent research project from professor Robert Rosenberger of the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Public Policy, Atlanta, US. He writes, in Computers in Human Behavior, 52 […]

Determinants of Phantom Phone Sensations (PPSs)

Do you own a mobile phone? Do you sometimes think there’s a call when actually there isn’t? If so, that might well be a Phantom Phone Sensation (PPS). Leading, perhaps, to the question :’What are the determinants of phantom phone sensations?’ These (fairly) ubiquitous phenomena have been formally investigated by a research team at the […]

The Case of the Haunted Scrotum

A CT scan in Wales produced an unexpected artifact: “The Case of the Haunted Scrotum,” J.R. Harding, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, vol. 89. No. 10, October 1996, p. 600. (Thanks to Christine Young for bringing this to our attention.) The author, at Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, Wales, reports: “By chance, the distribution […]