Old Tea Leaves for Supercapacitors

Not everyone uses used tea leaves to make supercapacitors. The authors of this study are among the people who do: “Eco-Friendly and High Performance Supercapacitors for Elevated Temperature Applications Using Recycled Tea Leaves,” Sanket Bhoyate, Charith K. Ranaweera, Chunyang Zhang, Tucker Morey, Megan Hyatt, Pawan K. Kahol, Madhav Ghimir, Sanjay R. Mishra, and Ram K. […]

How Starbucks turns old coffee and old muffins into laundry detergent

“Starbucks turns coffee grinds and old muffins into laundry detergent“, says a second-hand report in the journal Focus on Surfactants [volume 2013, issue 3, March 2013, page 3]: “The method involves using a mixture of fungi to help break down the carbohydrates in the stale baked goods into simple sugars. The blend is then fermented […]