The Benefit, for Bedbugs, of Dirty Laundry

Bedbugs in search of cheap travel options would be well-advised to consider humans’ dirty laundry, suggests a reading of this study: “Bed Bug Aggregation on Dirty Laundry: A Mechanism for Passive Dispersal,” William T. Hentley, Ben Webster, Sophie E.F. Evison, and Michael T. Siva-Jothy, Scientific Reports, vol. 7, no. 11668, 2017. The authors, at the University […]

How Starbucks turns old coffee and old muffins into laundry detergent

“Starbucks turns coffee grinds and old muffins into laundry detergent“, says a second-hand report in the journal Focus on Surfactants [volume 2013, issue 3, March 2013, page 3]: “The method involves using a mixture of fungi to help break down the carbohydrates in the stale baked goods into simple sugars. The blend is then fermented […]