The hardness of Nintendo, calculated

Computer scientists will, perhaps more deeply than others, appreciate the hardness of several computer games produced by the entity called Nintendo: “Classic Nintendo Games are (NP-)Hard,” Greg Aloupis, Erik D. Demaine [of whose recent work, more here], Alan Guo, arXiv:1203.1895v1, March 9, 2012. “We prove NP-hardness results for five of Nintendo’s largest video game franchises: Mario, […]

The World’s New Center of Pancake Research

With publication of the new study “Pancake Flipping is Hard” by three researchers at the University of Nantes, the city of Nantes becomes the de facto international capital of pancake research. Details of the study are given below. First, here is a Google map showing primary sources of pancakes in the city: The study is: “Pancake Flipping […]