A mathematician’s happy diatribe about what happens when mathematicians gather

Doron Zeilberger cast a wary glance at the social gathering habits of his fellow mathematicians. He wrote a little, gleeful diatribe about it: Opinion 104: The Shocking State of Contemporary “Mathematics”, and the Meta-Shocking Fact that Very Few People Are Shocked I just came back from attending the 1052nd AMS (sectional) meeting at Penn State, […]

Professional Football Player by Day, Spectral Graph Theorist by Night

John Urschel is not your ordinary National Football League offensive lineman. He may be a professional football player by day, but by night he is a spectral graph theorist (and numerical linear algebraist). His latest paper has now been accepted for publication in Journal of Computational Mathematics. Urschel announced via Twitter that his paper had […]

The MAFFIA mathematicians

Sensing that some things simply don’t add up, certain mathematicians have banded together to alert the public. Their web site explains: Mathematicians Against Fraudulent Financial and Investment Advice (MAFFIA) http://www.m-a-f-f-i-a.org This site was created out of growing concern with the usage of less-than-fully rigorous mathematical and statistical methodologies in the financial/investment world…. We are also […]

Mathematicians who (or that) scare him

Daniel Look [pictured here], now an assistant professor of mathematics at St. Lawrence University, once created a web page called “Mathematicians That Scare Me“. (A non-mathematician might have phrased it differently: “Mathematicians Who Scare Me”. The link is now dead, alas — was it too scary? Perhaps someone will ask Professor Look to resurrect it. […]