MOOCs for marmosets, sort of, on branch if not online

Marmosets learn skills from watching instructional videos, at least some marmosets do, provided that someone does show them instructional videos, and further provided that those videos show tasks of interest to the marmosets. Such was the conclusion drawn by humans who did an experiment described by Davide Castelvecci in Nature News: Marmoset see, marmoset do Monkeys in the wild learn skills […]

Bush Smeller Study: Physical Restraint

Bush and Smeller — Mitchell Bush and Johanna Smeller — collaborated on at least 17 studies. In at least one, they collaborated with another Bush: “Physiologic Measures of Nonhuman Primates During Physical Restraint and Chemical Immobilization,” Bush M, Custer R, Smeller J, Bush LM., Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, vol. 171, no. 9, […]