Bush Smeller Study: Physical Restraint

Bush and Smeller — Mitchell Bush and Johanna Smeller — collaborated on at least 17 studies. In at least one, they collaborated with another Bush: “Physiologic Measures of Nonhuman Primates During Physical Restraint and Chemical Immobilization,” Bush M, Custer R, Smeller J, Bush LM., Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, vol. 171, no. 9, […]

Bush Smeller Study: Snakes

The Bush Smeller collaboration — the collaboration of Mitchell Bush and Johanna Smeller — produced this study on snakes (thanks to investigator Ben Haller for bringing it to our attention): “Blood Collection and Injection Techniques in Snakes,” Mitchell Bush and Johanna Smeller, Veterinary Medicine / Small Animal Clinician, vol. 73, February 1978, pp. 211-4.