Czech managers have trouble with shoes, reports Gullová

The Central European Business Review (CEBR) is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal focused on strategic business issues with a Central European perspective. For an example of a paper reflecting this remit, see an article which the CEBR published in the inaugural issue – Flaws in the Social Manners of Czech Managers. It’s authored by professor Ing. […]

The bonsai management model

“The necessity of performing managerial activities is perceived and apprehended not only in agricultural enterprises, food processing units, industrial works etc. but also in hospitals, schools, museums, theatres, design studios and many other organisations. The need of managerial activities is as old as the organised human society itself. Management is necessary for all groups of […]

The hazard of being an English football league manager

Sports managers, the ones who operate at the highest levels, don’t manage to hang on to their jobs long, says this study: “The hazard of being an English football league manager: empirical estimates for three recent league seasons,” R. Bachan, Barry Reilly, and Robert Witt [pictured here], Journal of the Operational Research Society, vol. 59, no. […]