Czech managers have trouble with shoes, reports Gullová

Czech-managersThe Central European Business Review (CEBR) is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal focused on strategic business issues with a Central European perspective. For an example of a paper reflecting this remit, see an article which the CEBR published in the inaugural issue – Flaws in the Social Manners of Czech Managers.

It’s authored by professor Ing. Soňa Gullová, Ph.D. who is a Lecturer in the Faculty of International Relations, at the University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic. Her paper points out that “[…] many Czech managers are ignorant of the rules of their own etiquette.“

Improvements can be made though. Some tips from the paper :

“A suit also doesn’t look its best with stuffed pockets or if the trousers are too short or too long. Czechs have trouble with shoes. Shoes to go with a suit must be made of leather, have a thin sole and always be of a darker shade than the suit itself.”

“Nowadays, we do not have to finish our meal anywhere in the world; in some countries this is actually never the case as we would be signaling to the host that we have not had enough. In Europe we consider loud eructation after a meal rude; however, in many Asian countries, it is considered a tribute to the host.”

“Some of the most frequent ‘faux pas’ in the area of attire committed by Czech manages are, for example, wearing of slippers at the workplace, wearing of men’s sandals without socks with a suit, unbuttoned top buttons of a shirt together with a loosened tie etc. The hands are not to be placed in the pockets. Chewing gum is inadmissible during meetings. The most criticized issue is the blowing of one’s nose, in which case it is necessary to leave the room.”