Not quite Artificial Intelligence: the mating of junk + mail

The Huffington Post reports another misstep on the road to Artificial Intelligence: “Man Who Tried To Have Sex With Mailbox Found Dead“.

(TECHNICAL NOTE: This male-on-mail sex where one participant is alive and the other is not, does not qualify as homosexual necrophilia.)

Here’s a medical journal report about a similar, perhaps simpler attempt, 28 years earlier, by a different investigator:

A case of incarceration of the penis” [article in Japanese], M. Kamizuru, T. Nakatani, M. Maekawa, M. Asakawa, R. Yasumoto, and Kiyo Hinyokika, Acta Urologica Japonica, vol. 34, no. 3, March 1988, pp. 514–6.

The author, at the Department of Urology, Osaka City University Medical School, reports: “A 38-year-old male patient had been suffering from incarceration of penis with a milk-bottle for about seventeen hours. It was successfully removed by means of a glass cutter and hammer without any complication. Fifty-seven Japanese cases of this entity including our case were reviewed and discussed.”