The bonsai management model

“The necessity of performing managerial activities is perceived and apprehended not only in agricultural enterprises, food processing units, industrial works etc. but also in hospitals, schools, museums, theatres, design studios and many other organisations. The need of managerial activities is as old as the organised human society itself. Management is necessary for all groups of people who strive to reach a common goal.”

“Managers need to develop a new understanding of the management process that will respond to global trends in the world’s economy.”

How can this be done? And, how can management be understood? prof. Ing. Pavel Tomšík, Csc. of the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, Brno, Czech Republic, presents a model in the journal Agricultural Economics – Czech, 53, 2007 (7): 291–297 entitled : ‘The bonsai management’

“Management can be understood as a ‘bonsai’ integrating its roots in long-term bases with the trunk of general management growing from it supporting a cultivated treetop branching out in the real time.”

The paper may be read in full here:

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