The Librarian is No Longer a Loveless Frump, Data Suggest

Librarians of today may benefit from this re-analysis of old data: “Loveless Frump as Hip and Sexy Party Girl: A Reevaluation of the Old-Maid Stereotype,” Katherine C. Adams, The Library Quarterly, Volume 70, Number 3 | Jul., 2000. “As computer technology prompts educators and practitioners within Library and Information Science (LIS) to redefine their profession, the […]

Librarian-titillation TV

The Harold B. Lee Library, at Brigham Young University, is a premier producer of titillating television programs for librarians. This program, called “The Many Stations of Book Preservation,” is no less than eight minutes, twenty-five seconds of variegated stimulation for persons who find hope or dread in the perils and pitfalls of book decay, destruction, or preservation. […]