Profiling the IJIRS journal

Gopal Chakraborty, B.Sc (Physics Hons.), M.Sc (Physics), CWD, PHD (Pursuing), Assistant Professor of Physics, GKCEM, JIS GROUP, is the editor-in-chief of an unusual academic publication entitled : The International Journal Of Innovative Research and Studies (ISSN: 2319-9725). It’s unusual in several respects – in that it’s a monthly, multidisciplinary, international, English language journal, with zero-level […]

Gibberish scholarship happily fills the cracks, again

Comes another reminder that some scholarly journals, like some people, are less careful than others. [Another way to put this: if the ONLY thing you know about a report is that it was published in “a scholarly journal”, then you know almost nothing about it.] Richard van Noorden reports, in Nature: The publishers Springer and IEEE are […]

In Lamentably-Successful Search of Rotten, Scammy Journals

Reader (when reading a study) and writer (when submitting a study for publication) beware — if the journal publishing (or offering to publish) that study is not known to you. Dan Vergano explains, in this National Geographic article: Fake Cancer Study Spotlights Bogus Science Journals A cancer drug discovered in a humble lichen, and ready […]

Paying for information about paying for information (or not)

Heated debates continue regarding the thorny question of ‘Open Access’ to academic journals. Some (e.g. the publishers) argue that it’s financially unsustainable to give free access –  while others (e.g. unpaid authors) assert that the forefront of knowledge is not something that should be traded as a commercial commodity. One place where scholarly discussion about publishing […]