Paying for information about paying for information (or not)

Heated debates continue regarding the thorny question of ‘Open Access’ to academic journals. Some (e.g. the publishers) argue that it’s financially unsustainable to give free access –  while others (e.g. unpaid authors) assert that the forefront of knowledge is not something that should be traded as a commercial commodity. One place where scholarly discussion about publishing […]

Left v. Right: How Academics Face-Pose on the Web

A new study, the purpose of which some may find delightfully puzzling, looks at the self-portraits scholars put on their home pages: “How Academics Face the World: A Study of 5829 Homepage Pictures,” Owen Churches [pictured here], Rebecca Callahan, Dana Michalski, Nicola Brewer, Emma Turner, Hannah Amy Diane Keage, Nicole Annette Thomas, Mike Elmo, Richard […]