Herring farts, Russian submarines & the PM on Swedish TV

Tonight the “Vetenskapens Värld” program on Sweden’s Swedish SVT2 network broadcast a pair of reports, back-to-back, about the Ig Nobel Prizes. Report # 1 is about the recent Ig Nobel Tour‘s visit to Stockholm. Report #2 focuses the history behind one part of that visit — the now-it-can-be-told story of how, some years ago, herring farts prevented the […]

TODAY: Ig Nobel “Science Friday” broadcast

In America, science has a great day-after-Thanksgiving tradition (we say immodestly): the special Ig Nobel Prize broadcast on National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation — Science Friday program. This specially edited version of the year’s Ig Nobel Prize ceremony will be the first hour of the two-hour Science Friday program. In most—but not all!—cities this will be from 2:00-3:00 pm. (Some NPR […]

Scicurious at the Igs

Scicurious, author of the blog The Scicurious Brain, attended both the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony and the Ig Informal Lectures. She wrote a series of thoughtful, amused reports about what she found there. Here’s a list of her reports. We will (if we do not overly adhere to the Ig-Nobel-literature-Prize-winning Theory of Structured Procrastination) feature […]