Brandishing a handgun — for science!

Eric Weddle reports, in jconline: When Herbert C. Brown, Purdue University’s first Nobel Prize winner, walked into a hall at Harvard University circa 1960 and laid a handgun on the table, his audience got the point.”There was a joke going around that he should come armed because there was a lot of controversy at the […]

Ig Nobel on “Science Friday” this Friday

This Friday comes a once-a-year special treat on the National Public Radio program “Science Friday“.  It’s the (19th!) annual day-after-Thanksgiving specially edited version of the year’s (the 20th!) Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. WHEN: Friday, November 26, 2010. It will be the first hour of the two-hour “Science Friday” program. In most—but not all!—cities this will […]

How microbes get passed person to person

During the 2010 Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, giant microbe toys (donated by their creator, were given to several Nobel laureates and to writer Neil Gaiman. Mr. Gaiman later personally transmitted his giant microbe to another person — singer Amanda Palmer (who performed at the Ig ceremony, and who is affianced to Mr. Gaiman). This […]

Video: The Best of Miss Sweetie Poo

The organizers of the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony solved an ancient problem: How to keep speeches from droning on and on… The solution, called “Miss Sweetie Poo”, is an 8-year-old girl who tells long-winded speakers to “Please stop. I’m bored. Please stop. I’m bored…” Here are Miss Sweetie Poo highlights from several Ig ceremonies.

Improbable Webmaster at Balticon

Julia Lunetta, aka the “Improbable Webmaster” will be appearing this weekend at Balticon, a science and sci-fi convention in Baltimore, Maryland. She will be speaking on her decade-plus experience as a minordomo for the Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, and some of the various trials, tribulations, and hilarity that has come about as a result. The […]

More Inappropriate Highlighting

“Harmful Effects of Preexisting Inappropriate Highlighting on Reading Comprehension and Metacognitive Accuracy,” Vicki Silvers Gier, David S. Kreiner and Amelia Natz-Gonzalez, Journal of General Psychology, vol. 136, no. 3, 2009, pp. 287–300. Silvers Gier and Kreiner were awarded the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize in literature for their 1997 report “The Effects of Pre-Existing Inappropriate Highlighting […]