Ice Cream Stick Production Tradeoff

Tradeoffs vex the production of even the most pleasure-producing products, such as ice-cream-on-a-stick treats. This study studies some of those tradeoffs: “Energy and Economic Analysis of Ice Cream Stick Production with Brine Tank Machine,” Riswanti Sigalingging and Lukman Adlin Harahap, Researchers World, vol. 2, no. 3, 2011. The authors, at the University of North Sumatra, […]

Melon bug and Sorghum bug ice cream

“Ice cream was made by using 0.5% insect’s gelatin and compared with that made using 0.5% commercial gelatin as stabilizing agent.” The two insects concerned, the melon bug (Coridius viduatus) and sorghum bug (Agonoscelis versicoloratus versicoloratus) were the subject of an investigation described in a new paper (for the journal Food Science and Technology International) […]

How many universes are necessary for an ice cream to melt?

How many universes are necessary for an ice cream to melt? Asks Professor Milan M. Ćirković [pictured] of the Astronomical Observatory Belgrade, Serbia, in the Serbian Astronomical Journal, Vol. 166, page 55-59. His paper considers the possibilities of other universes where a soft ice cream, left to its own devices, might be generally more likely […]

Ice music and ice cream music, and a former rodeo rider

Ice cream and ice can be used as, or as part of, musical instruments. Here are two instances. This patent concerns an invention in the field known (in a phrase auto-translated from the original Chinese into English) as “cartoon belt music ice cream”: “Cartoon music ice cream,” Chinese patent application 2476961 Y, filed May 16, […]

Understanding Stigma with a ‘Dogfood Sandwich’

Would you care for a dogfood sandwich? New research investigates this question with regard to ‘Stigma’. Previous investigators of ‘Stigma’ (e.g.Fallon et al., 1984; Rozin et al., 1985, 1986) have examined people’s reactions to cockroaches and ‘Hitler’s sweater’. “For example, dipping a sterilized cockroach into a glass of juice lowered the average rating of the […]