“Poetry and homeopathy: an exploration”

The field of Extradisciplinary Research, which does not yet exist, reached a zenith with this article published in the year 2006: “Poetry and homeopathy: an exploration” [Original Research Article], Jacqueline M. Mardon, Homeopathy, volume 95, issue 1, January 2006, pages 20-27. The author explains: “This paper explores a relationship between poetry and homeopathy…. Both poetry […]

A further delay in the arrival of a universal drug creation machine

The new great attempt to make a machine that can conveniently make and deliver any —any — kind of drug has hit a snag. The previous great attempt, by two-time Ig Nobel Prize winner Jacques Benveniste, hit a snag two decades ago, and never got unsnagged. The Retraction Watch blog sums up the new case: Paper claiming […]

Homeopathic medicine possibly contaminated with actual drugs

Some homeopathic remedies might be contaminated by actual remedies — might contain actual drugs — warns The US Food and Drug Administration in  March 20, 2014 alert headlined “Pleo Homeopathic Drug Products by Terra-Medica: Recall – Potential for Undeclared Penicillin“. (Arielle Duhaime-Ross supplies commentary about this, in The Verge). BONUS: All wet: Benveniste explains it to […]

George Macleod and book dilution

George Macleod (MRCVS, DVSM, Vet.FFHom, according to reports) wrote several books. A web site [from which we reproduce the apparently diluted photo you see here]  that sells those books says: George Macleod, a graduate of Glasgow University, is one of the world’s foremost authorities on homoeopathic treatment of animals. He is one of the few veterinary […]