Rubbing Pubic Hair with Cocaine-Contaminated Hands [research study]

This hands-on study (hands on pubic hair) suggests that the hunt for illicit drug use may be more interesting than is generally known: “Cocaine Contamination in Pubic Hair: Analysis of the Decontamination Method,” Guido Romano, Francesca Indorato, Giorgio Spadaro, Salvatore Barbera, and Nunziata Barbera, Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences, vol. 4, no. 4, 2014, pp. […]

Homeopathic medicine possibly contaminated with actual drugs

Some homeopathic remedies might be contaminated by actual remedies — might contain actual drugs — warns The US Food and Drug Administration in  March 20, 2014 alert headlined “Pleo Homeopathic Drug Products by Terra-Medica: Recall – Potential for Undeclared Penicillin“. (Arielle Duhaime-Ross supplies commentary about this, in The Verge). BONUS: All wet: Benveniste explains it to […]

Mining Uranium: Coca Cola® makes U accessible

Coca Cola® may not be much use as a contraceptive, but it may well be effective in assessing the environmental impact of bioaccessible Uranium (U). Particularly contamination around mines, nuclear reprocessing plants and waste disposal facilities. Authors Bernd Lottermoser, Ewald Schnug and Silvia Haneklaus explain the concept in the 2011 book The New Uranium Mining […]