People-calculating: open doors and closed doors

Whether one person holds a door open for another is not simply a question of etiquette, says a study by Joseph P Santamaria and David A Rosenbaum [pictured here] of Pennsylvania State University. No, they say. Nothing simple about it. Santamaria and Rosenbaum worked to pursue the answer through a tangle of belief, logic, probability, perception […]

Music to sooth the savage customer? Don’t count on it

Companies that run call centers — responding to complaints and requests from vocal customers — know that the job will always be done imperfectly. A new study suggests that one particular technique is likely to fail big time. Karen Niven, a lecturer in organizational Psychology at the Univeristy of Manchester (UK)’s business school, looked at […]

Study: Hold the Chicken (for 10 minutes, if you like)

Another breakthrough discovery about students, cooked chicken, and short time duration: “Analysis of the Effect That Holding Time Has on the Perceived Sensory Quality and Acceptability of Poached Chicken,” Gregory S. Jones, Anderson Bouton, Krystal L. Jones, Andrew C. Cauble, Lightsey Laffitte, Paul Dawson, Julia Sharp & Margaret D. Condrasky, Journal of Culinary Science & […]