“Tentacles? Testicles!” — Treats on Trays

A Kansas State University researcher takes a colorful approach to a supposedly bland subject: “Tentacles? Testicles! A Sampling of Perceptions on Uneatable Food Items Among Undergraduate Students,” Anne Donovan, presented at the Associaton of American Geographers 2009 Annual Meeting, Las Vegas (Thanks to Juanita Brown for bringing this to our attention.)

NEWS: Eating more makes you fat

Breaking news from the University of Ulster. Their press release dated January 21, 2010 says: New Study Proves Larger Portions Expand Waistlines Eating large food portions can significantly increase our weight even during short periods – researchers at the University of Ulster have discovered in the first ever study of its kind. A team of […]

Roasting Faith Popcorn

“Burned Popcorn and Broken Crystal Balls: Beware of False Prophets Bearing Food,” Ed Chung, Hiroshi Nakamura and Amy Spielbauer, in Proceedings: Marketing Management Association Spring Conference 1999. R. Green, D.Varble and G. Wunder, eds.. Chicago, 1999 . The authors, at St. Norbert College, Wisconsin, report: “In the late 1980’s, Faith Popcorn forecasted the trends of […]