How to Identify a Narcissist: Check the Eyebrows [research study]

Even people who are not narcissists may be fascinated by narcissists. This newly published study directs everyone’s attention to the eyebrows: “Eyebrows Cue Grandiose Narcissism,” Miranda Giacomin and Nicholas O. Rule [pictured here], Journal of Personality, epub 2018. (Thanks to Minna Lyons for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at the University of Toronto, explain: […]

‘Spock,’ ‘Joker,’ & ‘Mephisto’ eyebrows – avoidance techniques for aesthetic surgeons

Aesthetic surgeons in the business of facial wrinkle reduction have noted that if one weakens the glabella muscle with injections of AbobotulinumtoxinA without also weakening the frontalis muscle, unwanted side effects can occur. Known in the trade as ‘Spock,’ ‘Joker,’ or ‘Mephisto’ eyebrows. These side effects can be avoided by also injecting the fontalis muscle […]

Computerised gender classification (part 1: eyebrows)

Can you tell a person’s gender from just a glimpse of their eyebrows? Could a computerised system do the same? To find out, a project was undertaken by Yujie Dong (of the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Clemson University) and Damon L. Woodard (now at the Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Lab, University of […]

When singers raise eyebrows (and how that’s interpreted)

When singers sing high notes, their eyebrows go higher than when they sing low notes. While that may not be an absolute physiological rule, a team of Danish and American researchers discovered that it happens pretty consistently. They lay out the evidence, and explain what it may mean, in a study called Facial Expression and Vocal […]

Boos Act as Booze on the Power-Hungry

An experiment measured what happened when power-driven people gave speeches to an audience that responded with blatant, deliberate acts of boredom. The researchers, Eugene Fodor and David Wick of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, wrote up the details in a blandly titled monograph, Need for Power and Affective Response to Negative Audience Reaction to […]

Logical Eyebrow Peak Landmarks

“The aesthetically appealing eyebrow shape has been defined by its arch, located near the junction between the medial two-thirds and lateral one-third. The position of this arch has been historically described by arbitrary anatomical landmarks that have no logical structural relationship.” These observations feature in the latest eyebrow-related research from Dr. Bradon Wilhelmi, the Leonard […]

Eyebrows – the dangers

There are several possible causes of keratitis – and a new one has recently been identified and described in the literature – with the publication of  ‘Long Eyebrow Hair as a Possible Cause of Chronic Keratitis of Obscure Etiology’ in the specialist journal Cornea. Dr. John Daugirdas (MD, author and inventor of the Nephronaut treadmill […]