Leisurely Chimpanzee Drumming Formally Considered

Some chimpanzees drum, and some humans analyze that: “Chimpanzee drumming: a spontaneous performance with characteristics of human musical drumming,” Valérie Dufour, Nicolas Poulin, Charlotte Curé [pictured here], and Elisabeth H.M. Sterck, Scientific Reports, vol. 5 2015. (Thanks to Elizabeth Oberzaucher for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at the University of Strasbourg, France, at Centre […]

Ice music and ice cream music, and a former rodeo rider

Ice cream and ice can be used as, or as part of, musical instruments. Here are two instances. This patent concerns an invention in the field known (in a phrase auto-translated from the original Chinese into English) as “cartoon belt music ice cream”: “Cartoon music ice cream,” Chinese patent application 2476961 Y, filed May 16, […]