Doorknobs (not just elevator buttons) going viral. Oh, my!

Almost immediately after the fearful news about elevator buttons, and with the world worried about the Ebola virus, the American Society for Microbiology has issued a press release decrying the dangers of doorknobs. As I wrote here recently, three doctors in Toronto wrote a little study about the bacteria they found on hospital elevator buttons. That study might foster a renewed yearning […]

1983 Doorknob correction

A correction from the June 1983 issue of Doorknob Collector: “In the last issue we incorrectly identified the knob at left as coming from the LaSalle Hotel. The knob is actually from the Lexington Hotel, Chicago. Al Capone at one time used two floors of the Lexington as his headquarters. The name was changed to The New Michigan Hotel after Capone’s demise. The knob pictured below […]

Robotic Doorknob Disinfector

Doorknobs and microbes are the joint area of interest of this report: “Robotic Doorknob Disinfector,” Matthew Scott Rosoff, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. “The robotic door-handle disinfector is a robotic platform that travels heavily trafficked hallways and disinfects door-handles to improve public health. Machine learning algorithms were created to […]