Chemical Sensors Attractively at One’s Fingertips

Chemists, some of them, do pay attention to their fingernails. A team at the University of California, La Jolla (an institution that seems to exist on April 1, when it apparently migrates from San Diego), has paid special attention. Details are in their study: “A Wearable Fingernail Chemical Sensing Platform: pH Sensing at Your Fingertips,” Jayoung […]

Strange: On the smell of Composition C-4

Strange and colleagues offer discouraging news in the hunt for a substitute for a mysterious substance: “On the Smell of Composition C-4,” William Kranz, Kelley Kitts, Nicholas Strange [pictured here —Nick Strange  is now a graduate student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville], Joshua Cummins, Erica Lotspeich, John Goodpaster, Forensic Science International, epub December 24, […]

Unexpected appearance of a banana in a chemical structure

This study introduces a banana into the diagram of a chemical structure: “1,3-Bis(nitroimido)-1,2,3-triazolate Anion, the N-Nitroimide Moiety, and the Strategy of Alternating Positive and Negative Charges in the Design of Energetic Materials,” Thomas M. Klapötke, Christian Petermayer, Davin G. Piercey, and Jörg Stierstorfer, Journal of the American Chemical Society, epub November 28, 2012. The authors, […]

Engineering: Taking Advantage of the Promiscuous One

Promiscuity appeals to chemical engineers, under certain circumstances. One set of those circumstances is described in the paper: “Engineering Sialidase Specificity: Taking Advantage of the Promiscuous One,” J.N. Watson, A.J. Bennet, presented at the 23rd International Carboyhdrate Symposium, held in Whistler, BC, Canada, July 23-28, 2006. The authors are at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.