Fluid Dynamics and the Potential Cost of Long Genitalia in Male Guppies

Male guppies with long genitals may swagger, physically in a current, and metaphorically in the grand scheme of reproduction. Or not. This newly published study explores these questions: “A Potential Cost of Long Genitalia in Male Guppies: the Effects of Current Speed on Reproductive Behaviour,” Lucia Kwan, Adam N. Dobkin, F. Helen Rodd, and Locke […]

Static electricity – we’re still (somewhat) in the dark

You might think that 2.6 millennia* of scientific study would be enough to form a thorough and complete understanding of a phenomenon as ubiquitous as ‘static electricity’. Not so, says a foremost authority on the subject, the Electrostatics Society of America. “Electrostatics is an exciting area of science, as its most basic scientific questions remain […]

Jaw power (new patent)

“As electronics devices become increasingly powerful and smaller, powering these devices has become a significant concern. It may be troublesome to find compatible power sources when a user is frequently mobile and devices often require multiple recharges per day.” There’s now a new energy-harvesting solution to the problem – the chew-powered fake-tooth piezoelectric generator. It’s […]

Roi’s brain numbers improvement zapper machine

Roi Cohen Radosh of Oxford has applied for a patent for his method of zapping (so to speak) the brain with electricity. “APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING AND/OR MAINTAINING NUMERICAL ABILITY” is the title of international patent #WO 2011/098789 Al, published on August 18, 2011. Here’s a detail from the document: The patent document itself demonstrates a comfort […]