Corporate Insecthood

The claim that “corporations are people” sometimes draws ridicule. A new paper suggests a related, maybe more accurate claim: “Corporate Insecthood,” Nina Strohminger and Matthew R. Jordan, PsyArXiv. February 14. The authors, at the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, explain: “Whether the corporation should be considered a person is a matter of active […]

The evasive shareholder meeting manoeuvre

“When companies move their annual meetings a great distance from headquarters, they tend to announce disappointing earnings results and experience pronounced stock market underperformance in the months after the meeting. Companies appear to schedule meetings in remote locations when the managers have private, adverse information about future performance and wish to discourage scrutiny by shareholders, […]

Some Men Have Heads Built for Success or for Evil

A new line of American-British research suggests that the shape of a chief executive officer’s head can indicate how well his firm will prosper. The shape also predicts whether the chief executive will act immorally. The research offers a mathematical tool that financial analysts can add to their professional kit bag: the chief executive officer’s facial width-to-height […]