Urination-duration Ig winner: physics of animals keeping clean

David Hu, 2015 Ig Nobel physics prize winner (together with several colleagues, for testing the biological principle that nearly all mammals empty their bladders in about 21 seconds, plus or minus 13 seconds ) has a new paper out, written with colleague Guillermo Amador. Their institution, Georgia Tech, describes it: A CAT’S SURFACE AREA IS EQUAL […]

Surface tension, obsessive-compulsively

Ian Hopkinson talks about the need to attend obsessively, compulsively to detail when measuring surface tension: Langmuir trough experiments are ideal for obsessive-compulsives: before you start your actual experiment you have to get the surface of the liquid you’re using absolutely clean. To do this you clean your trough, add in the ultrapure water, compress the […]

On the spot: The Macbeth Effect

Some psychologists are beginning to feel the same sense of “cursedness” about studying “The MacBeth Effect” that some actors have about performing Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” — the sense that things can all too easily go wrong. The BPS Research Digest blog writes:: Not so easy to spot: A failure to replicate the Macbeth Effect across […]