Boxer crab lifstyle: Hold anemonies in your claws, and make them reproduce

Boxer crabs almost constantly hold the fate — and the bodies — of sea anemones in their hands, so to speak. In their claws, really. There’s a new paper about this: “Boxer crabs induce asexual reproduction of their associated sea anemones by splitting and intraspecific theft“, Yisrael Schnytzer​​, Yaniv Giman​, Ilan Karplus, and Yair Achituv, PeerJ, […]

Overturned rhinoceros beetles – how do they get back on their feet? (study)

No matter how careful a beetle might be, there’s a fair chance that, sooner or later, it’ll find itself on its back. Raising the question, how does it right itself, i.e. get onto its feet again? For current beetle-righting research turn to volume 28, Issue 2, 2016, of the journal Ecological Psychology where researchers professor […]