Do cats see these optical illusions? Study and video say yes.

Further insight, in this study, on what cats have in sight: “Cats and Illusory Motion,” Rasmus Bååth [pictured here], Takeharu Seno, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Psychology, vol. 5, 2014, pp. 1131-1134. The authors, at Lund University, Sweden, Kyushu University, Japan, and Ritsumeikan University, Japan, report: “Many cat owners have probably looked into their cat’s eyes and wondered how the […]

A study of domestic cat meows, to be presented in Dublin

The world’s ongoing research effort to understand cat meows will center, for a shining moment in May, in Dublin, Ireland.The assembled delegates will there “A Study of Human Perception of Intonation in Domestic Cat Meows,” Susanne Schötz [pictured here, above] and Joost van de Weijer [pictured here, below], [paper to be presented at the conference] Proceedings […]

Old pictures of jetpacks strapped to cats and doves

“Researcher baffled by document written by artillery master Franz Helm featuring pictures of jetpacks strapped to cats and doves” is the subheadline on an Associated Press article in The Guardian. It tells of a discovery made by University of Pennsylvania scholar Mitch Frass [pictured here, right]. Here’s the cat/dove picture (you can see it and […]

Cat Bites and Human Depression [The Data Miners’ Tale]

This study presents a cheery attempt to see if cat bites lead to human depression (or maybe vice versa): “Describing the Relationship between Cat Bites and Human Depression Using Data from an Electronic Health Record,” David A. Hanauer [pictured here], Naren Ramakrishnan, Lisa S. Seyfried, PLoS One. 2013 Aug 1;8(8):e70585. (Thanks to Constanza Villalba for […]