A better-rounded understanding of why wombat poo is cubic

Ian Sample reports, in The Guardian, a new discovery by Ig Nobel Prize winners, about wombat poo shape: Scientists unravel secret of cube-shaped wombat faeces Researchers investigate why excrement emerges in awkward-shaped blocks … “My curiosity got triggered when I realised that cubical feces exist,” said Patricia Yang pictured below], a postdoctoral fellow in mechanical engineering […]

The campaign to honor the first cat in outer space

A cat named Félicette gets ever-widening recognition as being the first cat intentionally (and probably otherwise, too) launched into outer space. Félicette has many admirers, and has admired research into the history of the thing, and inspired artists, too. (Thanks to Brent Freeze for bringing this to our attention.) NOTE: The saga of Félicette should […]

The President’s Father and the Sneezing of Cats

Jean-Michel Macron is a neurologist who has published several studies about the sneezing of cats.  His son is the current president of France. Among Macron’s cat-sneeze studies: Macron on Cat Sneezing (1991) — “Trigeminal afferences implied in the triggering or inhibition of sneezing in cats,” Fabrice Wallois, Jean Michel Macron, Vincent Jounieaux, and Bernard Duron, Neuroscience […]