Restlessly Questioning the Effect of a Robotic Cat

Questions arise in and about the study “Questioning the Effect of a Robotic Cat in the Treatment of Terminal Restlessness,” by Jun Kako, Kohei Kajiwara, Masamitsu Kobayashi, Yasufumi Oosono, and Hiroko Noto, Journal of Palliative Medicine, vol. 23, no. 2, 2020, p. 158. The authors, at Hiroshima University and Kyushu University, Japan, explain:

First, it is wonderful that the 90-year-old veteran was able to spend quality and calm time with his family and loved ones in his end of life and achieved a good death.

Second, we think that the use of a robotic cat was not the only factor in alleviating his terminal restlessness.…

Furthermore, infection control is a major concern regarding the use of robotic cats.