Use Caution When Using Teeth to Castrate Lambs

Lamb castration is not always the idyllic pastime that some people may think it is. The Centers for Disease Control issued the following alert: “Notes from the Field: Campylobacter jejuni Infections Associated with Sheep Castration — Wyoming, 2011“, Clay Van Houten, MS, Karl Musgrave, DVM, Kelly Weidenbach, MPH, Tracy Murphy, MD, Wanda Manley, MS, Wyoming […]

Tadpoles, eunuchs, Rudy Giuliani

Robyn Williams interviews Ig Nobel Prize winner Richard Wassersug on ABC’s [click to listen] The Science Show: Richard Wassersug noticed a huge anomaly in the evolutionary trees of tadpoles when compared with frogs. This sparked 30 years of research into the range and variety of tadpoles. Part of Richard Wassersug’s research has involved tasting tadpoles: […]