“Swallow the shrew” becomes a business slogan

Apparently, an Ig Nobel Prize-winning experiment has inspired use of a new slogan in the business world. The Transomeme blog says: At the recent 23rd First Annual IgNobel Prize ceremony, the Anthropology award went to the researchers that studied what happens when shrew bones pass through the human digestive system. I’m not kidding. Rather than building a complex system […]

The Handwriting is on Wall Street: CEO Scribbling Significance?

Business analysts struggle to find reliable ways to make any sense of the great mystery: Which firms will thrive, and which wither? This new study, perhaps as reliable as most business indicators, looks at the size of the chief executive’s handwriting: “Narcissism is a Bad Sign: CEO Signature Size, Investment, and Performance,” Charles Ham, Nicholas […]

Modest evidence that Narcissistic CEOs are good for new technology

A press release presents modest evidence about the worth of narcissistic Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) [here is an auto-translated version of the original German text]: The more narcissistic one CEO, the higher his willingness in his or her company to introduce new technologies – especially if these innovations are perceived by the public as “beneficial”, but […]

Nonstraightforwardness – an exploration

Recent research has suggested that issuing vague or equivocal public statements can sometimes be advisable for a corporation undergoing a crisis. But previous academic work had also studied a broadly similar concept, called ‘Nonstraightforwardness’. A team of investigators lead by Susan Kline (Associate Professor and Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies at The Ohio State University) […]

Hiccups: An alternate, lollipop solution, reportedly, sort of

The New York Times “You’re the Boss” blog reports about a teenager who is starting a hiccup-remedy business, possibly because neither she nor her doctors did much Internet research and thereby (or thereNOTby) failed to learn about the digital hiccup treatment devised by Ig Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Fesmire. The report: To silence her […]

The scented business suit, demonstrated for chemists

Yesterday, at the American Chemical Society’s meeting in Denver, I demonstrated the Ig Nobel Prize-winning (prize in environmental protection, 1999) self-perfuming business suit. Chemical & Engineering News filmed this moment of fashion history: I also showed a bottle of DNA Cologne. It comes in a triple-helix-shaped bottle, and the packaging says “Product does not contain deoxyribonucleic […]

Daft Exploration: Tentative Equivocality

The Daft (Professor Richard. L. Daft of Vanderbilt University) celebration continues. Today, a deft Daft look at a tentative exploration into equivocality: “A Tentative Exploration into the Amount and Equivocality of Information Processed in Organizational Work-Units,” Richard L. Daft and Norman Macintosh, Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 26, June 1981, pp. 207-224.